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ServiceU is a location based App that allows you to find and post jobs and services. You are able to set location parameters so your services are only being offered or accepted in that specific range. Easily find tradesmen, custom caterers, or offer any skill you have! ServiceU’s motto is ‘connects people!’.


We obviously had to integrate a map system to make the location features of this app function properly. We used the Google Maps plugin to access the pre-existing quality that Google provides, create a seamless user experience, and save money for the client in the process.

PhoneGap was used to develop this universal app


We ran into a lot of caching issues with ServiceU as it was not a Native app. This caused freezing and loading issues when navigating pages and tapping buttons. To Resolve this we optimized and added caching improvements. As a result of our problem solving the app feels much more like a native app.

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