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Youth Resiliency Project – Covid-19

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In Spring of 2020, all schools in Orange County, CA were shut down in an attempt to stop the spread of Covid-19. The situation increased the rates of mental health issues in school age children at an unprecedented rate.

Phoenix House California, a behavioral health interventions organization, in partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) stepped in and contacted Orange Web Group, LLC based in Orange, CA to help develop a mobile app to aid children in grades K-12th deal with the severe mental health issues caused by this global pandemic.

Orange Web Group

Orange Web Group along with an amazing team in media, design, and a research team from the University of California, Irvine developed the “you and” iOS, Android, & Web Applications.

“you and”

“you and” App was designed to build resilience and social emotional intelligence. From feelings and coping skills to caring for mind, body and spirit, you’ll discover how to take care of the whole you. you and is available at no cost for Orange County K-12 students.

Technology Stack

Native iOS & Android Web: PHP, Javascript, MYSQL, SSL, Custom API’s


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The "you and " project

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The branding and UX design focuses on accessibility to a K-12 audience and the families supporting their emotional well-being and wellness in a time of social distancing and isolation.

Color Palette

Primary Color Palette

Secondary Color Palette


header: 24/25 pt bold, paragraph: 24/30pt medium

Logo Type

Logo Type Structure

Logo Color Variations

Logo buildup

Color and Lesson Associations

Shape and Lesson Associations

Video Graphic Guidelines

Logo treatment with color variations

Title Transitions Case Study of Grade K-2, Lesson 1-4

Video Graphic Guidelines

Lesson 1

Title Treatments Case Study

Grade K-2

Lesson 1

Title Treatments Case Study

Grade K-2

Lesson 1

Title Treatments Case Study

Grade K-2

Lesson 1

Title Treatments Case Study

Grade K-2

Lesson 1

Title Treatments Case Study

Grade K-2

App Design

App Design – Progress Indicator

App Features

Secure Registration for OC students with the ability to select their school district, school, and grade level. The “you and” app personalizes the students experience and video course lessons according to their specific grade level at registration.

OTP verification via email/SMS for password reset

AI Chatbot Check-in

Personalized according to the students grade level the AI chat-bot asks a series of pretest and post test questions regarding their mental in a conversational format similar to texting a friend or family member.

The students responses which are compliant with HIPPA regulations are then stored in a secure database

Account Settings

Edit profile, email, phone, profile picture, school, grade (but completion of all courses required to change grade level), delete account

AI Chat bot and Live Chat Support

Integrated into the application. Students have the ability to chat with a live therapist or a support team member for urgent mental health issues. The AI chatbot also provides useful resources responses to many frequently asked questions.

Journey Tracker

An innovative and fun way for students to track their progress through the many video and workbook courses. The course icons show as partially filled if only a portion of that lesson has been completed and fully filled after the course has been completed.

Now Available on the App Stores!
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