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9 Benefits of Using MAGENTO E Commerce Platform

Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that has tons of options for customization and integration available. Magento has the ability to make online shopping even bigger than it ever was before. This article is about the 9 benefits of Magento e-commerce platform website.

Magento can accomplish great wonders in the big world of online shopping. This open source e-commerce application is known for its abundance of custom options and extra adaptations. First released in 2008, Magento has grown its popularity and proven to be an amazing platform to satisfy all online shopping preferences. Magento has provided online shopping stores amazing cart customization and security. The internet has grown into an active billion user community, thus, online stores are getting more and more sales each and every year. Building an online store the correct way can score a great success for any business.


9 Benefits of Magento e-commerce Platform

Magento is a platform that provides all the solutions needed and more for any e-shop. With Magento, it is easy for any individual to set up an eCommerce store and customize that store to its full capability.

Web Design Customization

Every online shopping business is different and unique in its own way and by its own product(s) available for sale. With Magento, there are tons of CSS customization options ready to use for web design. The Magento team supports and gives great info on the latest web trends and tips on responsive web design.

Mobile and SEO Friendly

Magento is known for keeping up with mobile web design standards and providing advanced SEO solutions at the same time. Mobile visitors expect to have a great experience when landing on a certain website. If that website satisfies them completely, chances are that they will continue browsing around that web page. However, if a website isn’t mobile friendly, it will disturb the positive user experience, thus, result to a visitor leaving the website completely. A website’s search engine optimization score does influence the number of hits a website will receive. In regards to SEO, Magento is up to date with the latest SEO ranking factors. It provides great URL structure and meta-implementation options required for SEO. Magento also includes analytics for tracking web visitors. This is one of the most prominent features of Magento.


Fast Loading Store

Magento has made a mission to make the fastest eCommerce stores in the world. Magento is known for its power to produce fast loading web pages. In fact, there are several other benefits of Magento e-commerce platform as well.


What does this fact say about the platform?


A fast loading page can insinuate that Magento is certainly built much better and has lower HTTP requests than any other e-commerce platform out there. The faster website loads, the faster information can be received by the online consumer and this will ultimately lead to a higher percentage of annual sales.



Hosting Options

With Magento, a business is not obligated to stay with one hosting that may be provided. Magento allows an e-commerce store to freely select any hosting company of their choice. This provides great freedom for all online shopping businesses to have their own files and be selective with different hosting companies.

Secure Order Preferences and Product Management

Magento is known for its top of the line order security and product management options that include custom reporting features. With Magento, it is easy for an online store owner to view periodic transaction history, change product descriptions, add images, export reports, and add or remove items.

Multi-Website Options

Magento has the capability to host multiple websites on just 1 back-end admin. This is a key feature that Magento is most popular for. This features of Magento makes it the most plausible e-commerce CMS platform.


Currency and Language Support

Most of the well-known open source e-commerce platforms have little to no options in regards to foreign currencies. Magento dynamically supports all currencies around the world. This makes it efficient for US stores and international stores to use Magento. Magento is also known to support a variety of languages.


Custom Integrations

By allowing 3rd party integrations, Magento gives an online store bigger space for custom integrations. This is one of the most crucial benefits of Magento e-commerce platform that makes it the best choice. As previously mentioned, every online store has something different to offer. Magento allows every store to be customized to its own preferences. The 3rd party integrations include major web applications and payment gateways.


Limitless Options

Magento is a limitless e-commerce platform. It is known for its instant flexibility and customization. Magento provides advanced solutions in a much simpler form. Magento has a very friendly community and any time that there is any new update or security fix to the platform, upgrades and free support is available.

Magento has wonderful possibilities and has made the shopping world a bigger, global and customizable platform. Magento is an e-commerce content management system platform that is up to date with the latest design trends, SEO ranking factors, online store needs, and security features. With its ability to handle a large request, Magento can work with large-scale shopping platforms. There are several benefits of Magento e-commerce platform in the world of online shopping.


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