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Live streaming your life is literally only a few phone taps away, thanks to the recent popularity of live streaming mobile apps. They are mostly used by ordinary users and influencers who post snippets of their everyday lives on their social media accounts and instructors or teachers.

Apart from its personal applications, live streaming mobile apps have become a marketing opportunity for a number of well-known online businesses. Companies are beginning to put a lot of money into live streaming mobile app platforms. Even social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok have put money into developing and finding content creators for their live streaming features. Live streaming has numerous advantages and opportunities, especially for online businesses. In this post, we’ll go through some of the benefits of live streaming apps and why businesses should consider using it.

Here are some benefits of using live streaming mobile apps for your business:

It Can Help You To Reach a Larger Audience.

Using live streaming within apps, you can communicate with almost anyone from anywhere. It also helps in broadening access to information about the business, ensuring consistency by ensuring that everyone receives the same information. Let say for instance, you are an App Developer in Orange County California, you can easily showcase your services to people around the globe with the use of mobile streaming apps. Your reach to customers and/or prospects isn’t limited to your immediate surroundings. Without even knowing your name, a person can find you by typing your username into the search bar or by using hashtags.

It Can Help You Work More Productively

Using live streaming apps can help you save a lot of time at work. You can communicate directly with your audience and receive feedback in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, this is an awesome way for marketers to spend less time on the creative side of product branding. You can also use your other social media accounts, such as Twitter, to promote a future Q&A session. To save time, you can answer any questions received on Twitter during your live video.

It Gives You More Options

Your audience will appreciate the convenience of mobile streaming apps. Your audience can watch your live video from the comfort of their own home or while traveling at the touch of a button. As a result, your audience won’t feel obligated to rush home and watch your video. They can watch your video again if they missed it the first time.

It is Mobile-friendly

Apps are obviously mobile friendly. However, keep in mind that mobility usability varies from app to app. As a result, consideration must be given to selecting the best live streaming app. There are a lot of professional App Developers in Los Angeles that you can choose from and Orange Web Group, LLC, is one of the most recommended in Orange County as it offers a wide variety of services that provide proven solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.


Various Industries Will Benefit From Real-time Video Streaming:

  • Leisure and entertainment:

    Twitch is the most well-known and widely used gaming live video streaming application. Video game fans may either watch others play their favorite games or stream their own video content. Live video streaming allows online daters to communicate remotely before meeting in person. App for Chinese dating Momo’s popularity skyrocketed after the feature was added in 2015. It made $406.9 million in revenue from its live video service in the third quarter of 2018.


  • Retailing:

    The visual appeal of goods is very important in this industry when it comes to marketing. A live-streamed product launch is a great place to start. Allowing customers to make purchases while watching live video streams can help retailers increase sales.


  • Real estate:

    Live streaming can be used to show properties to potential buyers. Users can get information about their location, neighbors, insurance, taxes, and more without leaving the company’s app.


  • Healthcare:

    Live video streaming technology can help with patient support, intern education and training, team meetings, interviews, and presentations, among other things.


  • Logistics:

  • Companies can control the delivery process by using live video streaming apps. A webcam installed in the luggage compartment of a truck would broadcast video to shipping agents, customers, and other stakeholders.


Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that live videos are still relatively new, the power of other forms of videos is quite well known. Big brands have already invested heavily in live streaming platforms, and live videos have recently gained more attention.

When creating the next Snapchat or YouTube Live, focus on the features that users care about the most. Enhance the features, advance them, and keep them at the top of their game. The application’s success hinges on a methodical approach to the technologies that underlies live video content.

Using advanced technologies and the latest design trends, Orange Web Group, LLC creates scalable mobile and custom web design applications. Do you have any questions about developing a live video streaming application? Have you considered creating an app with unique features? Are you looking for a professional team to help you create a business application?


Want to learn more? Contact Orange Web Group, LLC today! We are located in the greater Los Angeles/Orange County area and we are currently offering free consultations for local business owners.

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