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Small business owners who believe that new business technologies are too sophisticated or too expensive should consider the potential cost of falling behind the times. The best web design agency in Orange stresses that technological tools for everything from data security to digital marketing are constantly evolving. Failing to take advantage of systems that can save you time and money, and help drive profit, may leave you vulnerable and at a competitive disadvantage within your market niche.

Data/Information Security

If you’re convinced that data security breaches only happen to big companies like Target and Yahoo, think again. According to USA Today, cybercrime can cost small businesses as much as $148,000 per incident, while 60 percent of small businesses go out of business within six months of a data breach. Given the consequences of a cyberattack, it’s not surprising that information security has become one of the three hottest technology investments for small and midsize companies. Also, consider that the technology cybercriminals use gets harder to protect against and more sophisticated all the time, just as the technologies designed to stop them do.

Find an Experienced Web Developer

Small businesses depend on a robust and appealing website to leverage their services or product offerings and build a strong customer base. That’s where the services of the best web design agency in Orange come in handy, as they can create a user-friendly and engaging website with adequate security features across popular content management platforms, such as Magento, Drupal or WordPress. Additionally, a developer who has experience with WordPress can provide you with plenty of eCommerce features and plug-ins that appeal to customers. When searching for freelance web developers or the best web development agency in Orange County, you’ll need to ensure anyone you consider for hire has an adequate skill set to get the job done (which, according to PC Magazine, includes web development fundamentals, back-end web development, and troubleshooting, cybersecurity and maintenance of WordPress sites).

Digital Marketing

With so much business being transacted online today, small businesses need robust digital marketing tools to stay competitive. The best web design agency in Orange can help put these tools into place. It’s especially important for small businesses that go head-to-head with companies that are already well-established, and whose deep pockets allow them to take advantage of the latest marketing tactics and online tools. Of course, it all begins with a well-conceived website and a strong online presence, which makes it easy for online customers to find your site, learn about what you have to offer, and become loyal repeat customers. An informative website is important because roughly 88 percent of consumers do at least some research online before making a purchase.

In the Cloud

Cloud computing may be the safest, most cost-efficient technological advance for small businesses. It gives you the computing power of a much larger company without having to stretch your financial resources to acquire it. In fact, the cloud gives you access to data storage and the latest business software technology on a pay-as-you-go basis. Small businesses can save a lot of money this way because it can eliminate the need to invest in pricey IT solutions.


Small businesses rely on good accounting and financial management technology because it provides an accurate picture of your situation and helps forecast anticipated growth. That makes the latest accounting software programs “must-haves” for companies in industries such as banking, transportation, construction, manufacturing, and government.

Deciding where to spend money on tech can be a challenge for small business executives. It’s important to take advantage of innovations that can protect your business and improve profitability. However, spending money on technology that doesn’t meet your needs is costly and can ultimately put you in a very serious financial bind. Research how other companies spend money on technology to get an idea of what works for them, as well as how the latest developments can help your company grow and stay secure.

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Written by Gloria Martinez

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