The Revolutionary Power of Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) for Your Business

Everyone lives on their smartphones now. From managing finances to scheduling dinner reservations, the activities you can perform on a smartphone are almost limited only by the imagination. With so many other businesses living on the Internet and the smartphone connected world, shouldn’t yours as well? Whether you are seeking progressive web applications, mobile apps, or the best web design agency in Orange County, contact Orange Web Group for a FREE Consultation.


Did you know that your business could be leaving thousands of dollars in revenue on the table every single month? It is not a statement of opinion but of fact and it is devastating to realize once you understand what we’re talking about. Look, business is already tough enough and the competition in any niche is relentless but, when you’re providing the public a service, you need every edge you can get. That’s why you need a progressive web application to set yourself apart from local – even national – competitors. What is a progressive web application and what can it do for you? Read on to find out more.


You know what an app is, right? Well a progressive web application is just like that – except for a whole lot cheaper and way more accessible for local businesses like salons, real estate agents, doctors, and restaurants. Why? Because a PWA offers your business all of the functionality of an app that you would get from the Google Play or Apple App Store but uses a website-based infrastructure that keeps your costs low in terms of initial development and long term upkeep. Plus, it keeps it flexible and scalable depending on your business needs. Don’t want to sink a ton of money into an app that you’re going to have to keep up to date for years and which may only serve a niche customer base at best? Ditch those concerns with a progressive web application and get all the advantages of an app on a smartphone with none of the downsides.


When it comes to progressive web apps, Orange County has a slew of businesses that are perfect candidates. From accountants and tax professionals to physical and occupational therapists, Orange Web Group, LLC has created bespoke solutions for many businesses that target their needs and help them capture – and retain – more clients. And, when it comes to mobile app development, Orange County-based Orange Web Group, LLC has competitive pricing structures and industry-leading developmental personnel. That’s probably why many of their former clients would agree that the company is easily the best web design agency Orange County has to offer.


So if you’d like to know what a PWA could do for you and your business, don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and give Orange Web Group, LLC a call at 714.919.WEB6 (9326) to see what bespoke solutions their team of experts has to offer you. Whether you are an e-commerce business or a medical company, a PWA has countless benefits in terms of customer retention, engagement, and discovery. If you want to take your business to the next level, there’s no easier and better way than a PWA.

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