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How to Use Your Website as a Marketing Tool

Websites are more than just online storefronts. Everyone assumes that they should HAVE a website, but not everyone is entirely sure why. The fact is, a website is meant to be a powerful marketing tool—one that generates leads, grows your client base and shapes your online reputation.

So, before you delve into an understanding of the complicated stuff like social media, pay per click advertising and SEO; let’s start with the basics of how to transform your website into a marketing powerhouse!


Blog Regularly

Consistent blogging has shown to improve your visibility and searchability online. By adding a new blog at exactly the same time each day, week or even month, you can significantly increase your favor with search engines.

Not only do search engines like consistent updates and teachable articles—people do too! Your audience will trust you more if you’re constantly adding new, relatable content to your website. If you need help with blog writing we can help!

Search algorithms tend to like blogs with the following criteria:

  • Content that teaches or answers questions
  • Content that contains around 1800 words
  • Content with images relating to the product (preferably original images)
  • Content with embedded videos (also original if possible)
  • Content that’s regularly updated, edited or added to
  • Content with infographics, original memes or graphs
  • Content that contains accurate statistics


Become a Compulsive Sharer

Now that you have a few good blogs on your website, it’s time to spread them around. Use other platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to share your content.

You can also get creative with sharing by spreading your images exclusively around on platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. Share your original videos on YouTube and help those interested in your product or service to find useful tutorials, answered questions or interesting information.


Popularize Your Branding

While you’re sharing, be sure to populate the minds of your audience with your company logo design. Let your brand become synonymous with the industry you’re in, and you’ll quickly become a trusted expert among your audience.

Let your logo and branding accompany your shared content, whether it’s images, videos, infographics, or even something as simple as memes.


Create Your Own Content

Written content is a great start. But go a step further and start creating other types of content. Video content is a huge sales booster for any online company. Images that you’ve taken or created yourself is also an important aspect to content creation.

Furthermore, create other interesting content types such as infographics, graphs, pic charts, memes, and anything else that relates to your industry.


Write FAQ Articles

One of the simplest ways to use your website as a powerful marketing tool is to TEACH. This can be easily done by writing FAQ posts. Populate these posts with questions that are often asked within your industry. Then, answer those questions.

You can turn these FAQ posts into articles, as long as they are easy to navigate for those who have very specific questions about your product or service.

A great tip is to also add some popular keywords into these posts so that your FAQ article is easier to find when people ask their questions on Google. If your FAQ post is really helpful, Google may even rank it at the top of their list when the question is asked by your audience.


Form Affiliate Friendships

Affiliates are companies or people within your industry who aren’t necessarily direct competitors. These industry leaders can become affiliates in various ways that will benefit your website and garner the trust of your audience as well as search engines.

Affiliates can:

Post guest blogs on your website

  • Advertise directly off your blogs or even your home page
  • Become co-creators of unique content
  • Partake in interviews


Affiliations within your industry will be mutually beneficial to you both, so keep an eye out for suppliers, resellers, or just those who form part of the chain you work in.


Sell Directly Off Your Website

Probably the quickest way to monetize your website is to make your service or product immediately available to anyone browsing it. If your content is designed to persuade someone to BUY, why not make that option available there and then?

You don’t have to convert your entire website into an ecommerce platform to do this. You can simply add a pay gate, and put all the aspects of the purchase—such as payment, delivery, etc.—in place to make the purchase experience convenient and fast.


Develop an App

Countless online companies are developing apps for their clients to make the entire interaction process a more seamless one. Mobile apps allow easy access to whatever it is you’re offering or selling, and also help you to stay connected to your audience wherever they are.


Final Thoughts

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Use the tips in the article above and contact us by clicking here or calling us at 714-919-WEB6 so you can start growing your business using your website as a marketing tool.




Writer Bio

Chris Walker is a freelance ghost writer who works with small business brands by providing them quality articles and blog posts.



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