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Draft Day Fantasy Football is a customizable Fantasy Football App which brings you closer to the game than ever before. The app allows players to build their own football dynasty, this amazing game is created by our team of Cocos2D-x developers. An ultimate aim of the game is to develop your stadium & increase your fan base. The game involves three things to be taken care of: Who to Sign, Which pick to take & Who to trade. Simply persuade the best talent to join your team. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod.

  • The first stage is to create your club
  • Give your club and its stadium a name & also tell us your name-The General Manager
  • You need to appoint a coach: check ratings, wage & then reject or select a coach
  • A Caretaker coach remains in charge on a temporary basis
  • Choose the right sponsor for your franchise to represent your brand
  • Set ticket price to benefit your franchise both on & off the field
  • Train four top-rated players
  • Check Draft Player List & Current Squad
  • Choose 5 defensive players & 1 offensive player to strengthen a team as per Coach’s message
  • Select team to trade & create trade offers (Exchange or Buy)
  • Select players for rounds, accept & reject players
  • Go to match & enjoy

Technology Stack

  • Gaming Engine: Cocos2D-x (OpenGL)
  • Programming Language: C++
  • Database: SQLite
  • Sprite Sheet Generator: TexturePacker
  • Native Development Kit: Android NDK
  • Leaderboard & Achievements
  • Ad Networks Analytics
  • In-App Purchases
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