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Our client wanted to create an app to conduct real-time performance reviews for their educational consulting firm which works with school districts and charter networks across the country. To get it developed they approached us. Grow Beyond is an instant feedback sharing app that allows the managers & employees to give & receive timely feedbacks to track their performance & development over time.

How Does Grow Beyond Work?

  • Instant Sign Up as Manager or Employee
  • If employee, select manager from the drop-down list
  • The first window will include To Do List, Received, Manager (Only For Manager)
  • To Do List: It includes the requests for feedback from employees
  • Received: It includes feedback received, with an option to Like, Award Badges & Question
  • Award one Badge out of three: Courageous Feedback, Helpful Growth Feedback, Actionable Feedback
  • Give & Get Button helps you to select an employee from a list to give & get feedback from
  • The user can ask for feedback on selected competency with a request for feedback
  • Calendar lets you schedule a feedback event for a specific date & time
  • You can choose one or more employees to get feedback from
  • A simple tap on Ask For Feedback will send a notification to the selected list to take actions on the requests added in “To Do” list.
  • Request: With an original request for feedback, this column will let you choose an employee to give feedback to. Share the context about the growth area on the requested competency.
  • Star Rating allows an employee/manager to give feedback based on stars from 1-5
  • In Glows, add what an employee did well & what he/she can do better in the future
  • Send Feedback Button will share the requested feedback with the same employee in his Received tab
  • A Manager can select an employee from the list to create team’s feedback frequency

Key Features

  • Relevant & Accurate Performance Reviews
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Real-Time Manager/Employee Reviews
  • Insightful Analytics
  • Easy Profile Management
  • Instantly Request Feedback
  • Award Badges
  • Customized Competency List

Why is Grow Beyond So Popular?

This streamlined performance reporting feedback app improves employee engagement & selects the top 5 employees with the maximum number of badges & times they have received. To cater to the needs of every sized organisation, the app is developed with a flexibility for the user interface, badges, competency lists, employee lists & images to be easily customized.

Top 5 Lists is Based On:

  • Feedback Requested
  • Feedback Given
  • Average Rating
  • Courageous
  • Helpful
  • Actionable

Technology Stack

    • Developed for iOS, Android
    • Developed in React Native
    • Programming Language: JavaScript
    • Testing & Debugging: Manual testing
    • OS: iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1 & later
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