What will the state of mobile apps be in 2022? Many people are asking this question, and the answer is difficult to predict. But one thing is certain: some fascinating new applications will be published in the next few years! We’ll look at 30 of the most promising app concepts for 2022 in this blog article. These concepts cover a wide spectrum of app types, from gaming to productivity to social networking. By the way, if you are looking for a Mobile App Developer in Orange County, you’re in the right place.

This post is for you if you are intending to design a business mobile application in the year 2022. You may always find and select the mobile application category that best matches your idea.


1. An augmented reality app that facilitates the design of your space.

The augmented reality app offers a novel method to experience furniture without actually acquiring it. Instead, users may take pictures and 3D models and arrange them in virtual environments to get a sense of how each piece will appear in any area or situation!


2. A scan and convert to PDF app

Scanning critical documents like receipts, report cards, or notebooks is easy using the Scan and Save to PDF app. These items can be saved on your phone in high-quality multipage PDF files that may be simply emailed if needed!


3. A health check-up and meal planning app

You may customize your information to meet the needs of your health status using this app. If a person has an active heart rate, for example, they’ll receive recipes created with components that help regulate blood pressure or lower cholesterol levels—all from chef-bloggers who focus only on food-related concerns! You also have access to supermarket services that supply nutritious foods online straight through our platform, eliminating the need to go downtown; we’ll transport them right to your front door via cloud-connected devices such as phones and tablets (iPads). This app is necessary, especially today when viruses are everywhere. That’s why Orange Web Group, LLC, (a Mobile App Developer in Orange County and an iOS App developer in Orange County) is constantly innovating and developing apps to aid health issues.


4. Railway tracking app

Trains are the primary mode of transportation for city dwellers. It can be difficult to know whether to wait or take another mode of transportation if they are delayed. However, with a railway tracking app like Railways Alerts by Union Railway, hectic schedules become less stressful because users receive real-time information about when the next train will arrive at their station!


5. Language learning app

One of the most outstanding ideas for 2022 is a language learning software that assists users with basic introductory courses in various languages. The first level covers alphabets and basic letters, while the advanced level includes full-fledged discussions with audio pronunciation feedback to ensure that learners pronounce words correctly!


6. Voice translation app

One of the most common concerns when traveling overseas is not understanding the local language and having difficulty communicating with locals. An app, on the other hand, might change how people travel by translating your speech into any other chosen language without you having to struggle to comprehend what they’re saying! The words you say will be translated on demand, so communication between you and your companion will be flawless in both directions. This new innovative technology will make traveling across international boundaries much easier.


7. Bike servicing app

The Door-Step Bike Servicing Platform and Application will employ technology to make two-wheeler owners’ lives easier by offering a transparent link that tells them when their bike requires service. The app also has inventory management capabilities, so you can plan servicing appointments in advance rather than standing in line at one o’clock on Sunday morning!


8. Call recording app

The easiest technique to counter spam and phishing calls nowadays is to capture them using the microphone on your own cellphone. You’ll be able to preserve any harassing chats until you need them the most, whether it’s delivering evidence in court or simply trying not to weep at work.


9. Criminal alert app

Is it keeping you up at night because you’re afraid of missing out on someone or anything interesting? Imagine if the only thing keeping you awake was a gang of thugs on the hunt for prey. An app like this would be able to notify us when there is fresh action near our location, allowing us to take care of ourselves while also catching lawbreakers!


10. Fitness App

The goal is to develop an interactive application that guides people through the process of managing their health by recording their daily habits and activities. Users may obtain individualized meal plans, nutrition counseling for various conditions based on licensed dietitian advice, and talk with other users who are having similar problems to discover answers together!


11. Contact tracing app

This program was created for government use in tracking down suspected sources of infection and allows users to monitor COVID impacted areas and worldwide data in real-time.


12. Food recommendation app

The meal recommendation/review app displays recommendations from those who enjoy trying new restaurants and may be relied upon for reviews. The user’s experience with this particular establishment has been significantly improved by reading honest comments posted by others in their community!


13. Parking space finder app

This revolutionary tool makes finding a parking spot near you easier than ever before. It takes advantage of all available technology, such as GPS, cameras, and location data, to give users immediate access to their preferred place while also giving them peace of mind that there is sufficient room for other vehicles!


14. Virtual study group app

The app provides students with study materials and tools to help them prepare for their examinations. It can also serve as a discussion forum for the issues discussed in each question, preventing any confusion throughout the testing period!


15. Karaoke app

The karaoke app is ideal for bringing your pop star fantasies to life. Whether you’re not a natural vocalist or just want to brush up on your skills, this cutting-edge program has a variety of features that will let anyone sound like their favorite celebrities!


16. Supermarket checkout app

People are increasingly switching to these sorts of applications for convenience as Amazon introduces self-checkout storefronts. You can scan goods and pay with only one click with these mobile browser-based checkouts!


17. Video-editing app

The use of social media is increasing, and more attention-getting messages are being posted. This means you’ll need a video editing program that will make your final result appear professional, catching everyone’s attention!


18. Consult a doctor’s app

You can consult with a doctor who is a member of the app. You may ask physicians questions and receive replies, as well as learn about the most recent advances in medical research and schedule an appointment.


19. Business tips app

The hurdles of starting a business, especially when you’re young, may be daunting. That’s why our forum-style application offers useful assistance for entrepreneurs in difficult situations, allowing them to easily get through the tough portions and build great enterprises!


20. Task-scheduling and motivation app

The ideal tool for people who struggle to remember to do things like read, exercise, and tidy up. It will keep you motivated by reminding you how much time has elapsed since you last completed a job!


Final Note 

We hope that these 20 mobile app ideas will help you launch your startup business in 2022-23. You may use these mobile app ideas to start your own business or as a side hustle that could turn into something large in the future.

However, keep in mind that whatever mobile app ideas you choose to build, the success of the app is ultimately determined by the skills of the app development team and the expertise they bring to the process. Even a high-end mobile app with extensive functions may fail to reach the intended audience, but a basic yet thoughtfully created app will attract more clients.


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